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Who May Apply

Eastlake principals, teachers, staff, and students/parents on behalf of a school-sponsored club are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to PTSA members. Applicants may apply individually or as a group (e.g. a club or department) but may only submit one grant application each year per project or program.

Grant Specifics and Important Dates

Eastlake PTSA has budgeted monies for this school year to help fund EHS equipment, activities, and projects. To be considered for this round of grant funds, complete the online application form and send it by 5pm on November 17th, 2023. (No hard copy necessary.) Awarded grants will be announced by December 14th, 2023. Grant funds must be used by June 16, 2024, or funds will be returned to EHS PTSA.

Selection Criteria

Funding is available for needs including but not limited to equipment, activities, or projects which:

  • Have specific uses, objectives, and goals that are aligned with the PTSA mission, LWSD’s curriculum, and grade level targets and which comply with LWSD and EHS guidelines and objectives.
  • Strengthen/enrich academic or social performance.
  • Directly involve students as much as possible.

Please try to investigate other funding sources wherever possible, and include these sources in your application. Priority will be given to requests that have the broadest student impact.

IMPORTANT: Include a completed application that includes a detailed budget and a clear explanation of the need. Items you want to purchase must be verified with EHS Bookkeeper Karen Guinasso prior to submission. Warranties are required for some purchases, taxes must be applied, and installation costs must be considered. Karen G must help you make sure your purchases meet all requirements.

Please note that while it is acceptable to base your application on a previously funded grant, the submittal of a replication grant does NOT guarantee funding. Each grant application will be considered on its own merits during each grant cycle.

Non-fundable items

  • Money spent on programs, activities or supplies prior to grant award
  • Teacher salary or release time
  • Non-instructional consumables (including food and incentives)
  • Graduate study, conferences, seminars or study abroad
  • Computer-related projects not recognized by LWSD technical support
  • Transportation expenses

Common reasons grants do not get funded

  • Benefit to students and school too limited or not clearly defined
  • Lack of a detailed budget
  • Lack of supporting documents or a well-thought-out plan
  • The application was submitted after completion of the project or the purchase of materials
  • Alternative funding sources were not disclosed or pursued (other grants, fundraising, building or department funds, etc.)
  • The project is outside the required timeline

Don’t forget the details

  • All paperwork must be complete, signed, and submitted on time to the PTSA mailbox for consideration.
  • A detailed line-item budget must be attached to the application.
  • PTSA will attempt to clearly explain why any or all of your request is not funded.
  • It is our goal to support the students and staff at Eastlake HS to the best of our abilities.

Please contact Kerri Miller, EHS Grant Committee Chair, with any questions at




See more information about the PTSA Grants program.