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Eastlake High School PTSA Scholarships

Deadline to submit 2023 all scholarships applications is MARCH 30th, 2023 , 11.59pm.

Congratulations to our 2022 recipients!

The Eastlake High School PTSA offers 3 types of scholarships through their Scholarships Program - Katherine Siddoway, Community Service, and Stan Chapin (Perseverance) Scholarships. Six $1,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors from Eastlake High School who will be starting college (either two-year or four-year) in the fall. Any questions or all completed applications are to be submitted to

Katherine Siddoway Scholarship

Established in honor of the founding principal of Eastlake High School, this scholarship awards two $1000 scholarships. This scholarship is based on the following criteria: 

    • Evidence of academic motivation (applicants must have a current and verified GPA of at least 3.4 (on a scale of 4.0) 
    • Impact on the Eastlake High School community and/or community at large 
    • Indication of meaningful education and professional/vocational goals

Community Service Award

This award is open to all grade level students (two financial scholarships to seniors and all other grade winners -Certificates of Community Service). Our PTSA strongly advocates volunteerism which is a testament to the character of the students at any grade level. The community service award is in recognition of outstanding contributions made to the Eastlake and/or Sammamish community. A financial award of $1000 is comprised of a $900 academic scholarship and $100 donated to the recipient’s charity of choice. This scholarship is assessed based on: 

    • ability to demonstrate a history of commitment to their school and/or community through community services and leadership activities 
    • maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA in the current school year 

Perseverance Scholarship in Honor of Lori Rowe


Lori Rowe was Eastlake’s beloved Office Manager for many years. She has been a true member of the Wolfpack for decades. As a mother to the Eastlake family and all that came to know her, she was the heart and soul of our Pack. Her involvement in LWSD began back in 1991 when her children started school. Her dedication to the district was exemplified through her devotion during the 16 years as SPED secretary and Office Manager at Eastlake and active involvement in the EHS PTSA. 

Lori lent her ear and opened her heart to students that were experiencing struggles and hardship. She was always rooting for them and in their corner as they faced challenges that might have disrupted their educational journey. She took great comfort in seeing the success and perseverance of her students throughout their academic and personal lives. The Rowe Family would like to honor her memory through the Perseverance Scholarship and champion her cause. Lori’s memory will live on through those students with the exceptional qualities embodied through their perseverance and fortitude to overcoming challenges.

The Perseverance Scholarship will be awarded to 2 students annually($1000 each) who demonstrate a turnaround in his/her life and/or overcome adversity with a positive attitude, integrity, and concern for others, along with continued focus on meeting educational and personal goals. It is assessed on:ability to overcome adversities in life, document their struggles and how they have and/or are overcoming it anytime during their high school years

  • Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA in the current school year




Application Tips and Tricks - Read This Before Applying

This year's applications are using Microsoft Forms. Each application can only be submitted once, and partial applications cannot be saved for later completion. Using the following process will ensure the application is submitted fully and in the most efficient way for the student. 

1. Once your application form opens in Microsoft Forms, click on the ellipsis on the top right of the form and choose PRINT FORM. Use the dialog to choose "Save As PDF". This will save a copy of the form on your device in PDF format. 

2. Read the application form carefully, pay attention to the questions, essay requests, references etc. 

3. For scholarships that require Letters of Reference: see below.  

4. Use a Word Document to prepare the answers to all the required questions in the Application Form. Once this is done, open the Online Application Form, and copy/paste your answers from the Word Doc until it is ready to submit. 

5. As the deadline for applications nears, you may check with the Scholarship chair ( on the status of your Letters of Reference if needed. 


Letters of Reference - How-To for Students

This year, the Letter of Reference is also an online form to make it easier for those submitting and for the Scholarship committee and judges to process. If you are applying to a scholarship that requires Letters of Reference, you will want to email your request for a Letter of Reference to your designated people and include this link AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In your email request, please include the link to this page for writers to find the "Submit Letter" button below. The writer will receive a confirmation when their letter is submitted.  

Letters of Reference - How To Letter Writers

Thank you for opting to write a letter of reference for our scholarship applicants. We hope this online format makes it easier and simpler for you. The form can only be filled and submitted in one sitting (progress is not saved if interrupted mid-way). Your words have IMPACT, and we thank you for your time writing a recommendation for an applicant. All letters of recommendation will be kept strictly confidential, only the scholarships committee will have access to the information. To submit a letter of recommendation, please click below. 



Judging Panel and Process

The scholarships committee is comprised of a chair(s) and the judging panel. The judging panel is arranged by the chair and will be comprised of the President and members of the PTSA. The panel –

  1. Should always evaluate applications with integrity and fairness.
  2. Should notify the chair and excuse themselves if they know of anyone applying to any of the scholarships. The chair will replace the panel member.
  3. Should not be the parent of any senior students.
  4. Should read and evaluate each applicant according to criterions set by the Scholarships Committee.
  5. Should complete an evaluation sheet for each applicant according to the type of scholarship applied to. All completed evaluation sheets are submitted to the chair.
  6. Interested in joining the panel? Please contact


Other Available Scholarships

Information below is for 2021-2022. Please check again in Winter for updated 2022-2023 information. 


Inglewood Middle School Alumni Scholarships 

Students graduating high school this year that also attended Inglewood Middle School are eligible to apply for the Inglewood Alumni Scholarship. The available scholarships for 2021-2022 school year is $1000. More information and deadlines can be found here

Lake Washington PTSA Council Scholarships 

Each year, the Lake Washington PTSA Council awards a variety of scholarships to graduating seniors and to LWSD certificated staff. Funding for these scholarships is provided by the generosity of all PTSAs in the district, the continued support and success of Council’s Annual Scholarship Basket Auction, and donations from the greater community. Student scholarships – recognizing achievement and community service – assist recipients in their post-secondary education. The application deadline is March 25, 2022. Please check here for more information.  

Washington State PTA 

Washington State PTA also offers four $2500 scholarships to graduating seniors from Washington state public high schools with an active PTA, who will be starting college (either two-year or four-year) in the fall. The requirements are: 

  • Current and verified GPA of at least 3.4 (on a scale of 4.0)
  • The name and number of the PTA/PTSA at your school 
  • At least three volunteer activities
  • Answer the essay question 

The application deadline is March 1, 2022. Please check here for more information.

The College Bound Scholarship 

The College Bound Scholarship is a state-funded program offered by the Washington Student Achievement Council. The program is an early commitment of state financial aid that students typically commit to during middle school. Students are eligible for the College Bound Scholarship if they meet one of the following requirements:  

  1. The students family meets the income requirements
  2. The student is in foster care or a dependent of the state, OR 
  3. The student’s family receives basic food or TANF benefits 

Click to submit an online application College Bound Form 

When you submit an online application, a Missing Information Letter (MIL) will be sent to the home for student and family signatures. This MIL needs to be returned to the school or mailed back to the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC). 

Please email Brett MuskavageCollege and Career Readiness Specialist.