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Parent Ed: Recognizing Mental Health Symptoms in Teens

Please join us December 2nd, 7pm online for an evening of learning.

We all worry about our children's mental health, especially when we hear about an 'anxiety epidemic'. But when are our kids just being kids? When should we be concerned and seek help? Dr. Amy Mezulis, a clinical psychologist with years of experience in the field of adolescence mental health, will answer these questions and more.

Dr. Mezulis is a licensed clinical psychologist, a professor and chair in the department of Clinical Psychology at SPU and the co-founder and chief psychologist at UpLift.

Link to join available here

An Opportunity to fill your College Fund Jar

The College Bound Scholarship application deadline has been extended to November 30. The College Bound Scholarship is a state-funded program offered by the Washington Student Achievement Council. Students who meet one of these requirements can apply. The students family meets the income requirements, or the student is in foster care or a dependent of the state, or the student’s family receives basic food or TANF benefits. For more information, visit EHS Scholarships Program.

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Youth Eastside Services

Feeling out of sorts with school closures and social/physical distancing? Getting too much family time and need to vent? Worried about a friend? Hearing mixed messages about drugs and alcohol and want to learn the facts? Visit in a confidential space for a listening ear, helpful tips, and a path forward.

Drop-in Office Hours with YES Counselor Allyse DiRe-Day - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 6:00pm

Register here anytime. Confirmation email will give you details.

Read here, on How to Stay Connected During Remote Learning  a  letter to parents from our on-site YES counselor.

Youth Eastside Services


Community Service Spotlight


Lindsay Ferguson is a freshman who volunteered this summer at the Field of Champions softball camps in July & August. She developed the pitching lesson plan, and drills for the campers among other responsibilities. There was a definite focus on social distancing, cleaning equipment, and wearing face coverings during the camps. She plans to continue to volunteer coach throughout the year with a new team of 10-year old girls who are being coached by one of her previous coaches. She loves passing on the game she loves to young girls in hopes that they love it too.

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