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Senior yard signs


The seniors at Eastlake for the Class of 2021 have voted on the design of yard signs. They are available for purchase from local print shops. Please follow this link for more information on how to purchase.


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Youth Eastside Services

Feeling out of sorts with school closures and social/physical distancing? Getting too much family time and need to vent? Worried about a friend? Hearing mixed messages about drugs and alcohol and want to learn the facts? Visit in a confidential space for a listening ear, helpful tips, and a path forward.

Drop-in Office Hours with YES Counselors Andrea Frost and Mina Kirilov - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.

Register here anytime. Confirmation email will give you details.

Read here, on How to Stay Connected During Remote Learning a letter to parents from our on-site YES counselor.

Youth Eastside Services


Community Service Spotlight


Juliana Cuevas is a senior who feels called to help other teen girls in need. During the pandemic, she reached out to her neighbor who works at Echo Glen Children’s Center and was informed that the teen girls there were in need of clothing donations. The state only gives out sweats for these girls to wear everyday, and anything else they wear is donations from other people. She says she knows that regardless of their pasts, they are girls just like her and still want to wear things that make them feel pretty which can be difficult to do in a juvenile detention center. She decided to do a clothing drive for these girls with her best friend Shalini Shetty and it was a big success. They were able to collect over 40 full trash bags of donated clothes! They even received some shoes and accessories as well!


Shalini Shetty is a senior who ran a clothing donation drive for the Echo Glen Children’s Center alongside with her friend, Juliana Cuevas. The Children’s Center is a juvenile detention center for teen children struggling for various, personal reasons. As teen girls, they understand the appreciation for clothing at this age and these girls often get clothing that is not always “trending” for teens. So, they decided to focus on the girl’s section of the center and promote this clothing drive to other teens in their community in hopes to receive more in-style clothing they knew they would appreciate. To promote their drive, they made digital posters that were visually appealing and simple to read to get our information across. They promoted it through various platforms on social media and were able to collect over 40 bags full of multiple clothing items. As their next steps, they plan to donate other categories of items that the Echo Glen center is in need of such as art supplies and lotions.

Highlight the efforts of a student you know by nominating them for the Community Service Spotlight! We would love to learn how our students are finding creative ways to serve in their community.

You can find all of the Community Service program details here