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Past Events 

Embarking on the College Quest

Embarking on the College Quest: How the Why Leads to What and Where, a recent webinar hosted by the EHS PTSA, provides some helpful tools for you to start the journey to your student’s post-secondary future!

Michelle Silbernagel, Touchstone College Advising, and Angie Luengen, Corsava, shared engaging tools and resources to launch your student’s college search while keeping the focus on finding the right fit for their unique needs.

To view the recording, access the slide deck, and check out the resources, click here.

About our Speakers:

Michelle is a local independent educational consultant who guides students and their families as they navigate the college admissions journey. She provides personalized support to maximize success with less stress. Michelle is also the parent of two high school students at Eastlake, a freshman and a senior.  


Angie is the Chief Operating Officer at Corsava. Through Corsava, Angie helps students discover, embrace, and communicate their emotional preferences in a gamified way as they explore the many aspects of college that are rarely considered, yet are known to lead to a fulfilling experience.



Recognizing Mental Health Symptoms in Teens

December 2, 7pm, Online

We all worry about our children's mental health, especially when we hear about an 'anxiety epidemic'. But when are our kids just being kids? When should we be concerned and seek help? Dr. Amy Mezulis, a clinical psychologist with years of experience in the field of adolescence mental health, will answer these questions and more. Dr. Mezulis is a licensed clinical psychologist, a professor and chair in the department of Clinical Psychology at SPU and the co-founder and chief psychologist at Joon.

View recording here, password to watch: WSPS2020

2 accompanying worksheets for parents: How to Fight Pandemic Fatigue, Mental Health Signs to Watch For