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How Your Contributions Make a Difference

Grants provide a way for the PTSA to support Eastlake and its school administration, staff or student organizations with items for which they may not have funding.  PTSAs often grant money for materials, equipment, programs and other activities.  In essence, a grant from the PTSA is a donation to the Lake Washington School District that will be utilized by Eastlake to enhance or enrich our students' educational experience.

Check out some of the PTSA grants from 2022-2023:

Check out how a few of the grants made by PTSA in 2021-2022:  


Who Can Apply ?

Eastlake principals, teachers and staff, as well as students or parents on behalf of a school-sponsored club, are eligible to apply.  Priority is given to applicants who are current PTSA members.  Applicants may apply individually or as a group (e.g., a club or department) but can only submit one grant application each year per project/program.  Refer to the grant application for more information and instructions.


Application Process

We are pleased to offer grant funding to support programs and learning opportunities at Eastlake in 2023-2024. The funding dollars available will be announced in December 2023, and the application process is now open. The application process and link are available below. Please read all the information prior to submitting an application. You will not be able to save your work and return to finish your application, so plan to finish your application in one sitting. The entire process should take less than 30 minutes. 

Please click here for additional grant guidelines and apply.


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