Inspire unity.
Exceed standards.
Achieve success for all students.

To contact a board member or committee chair, click the associated link below. To learn what these various position do, visit our Jobs page.

Board and chair positions marked OPEN have not been filled; You can find a list of open board positions here and how to contact us if you're interested! For any questions on volunteering with the PTSA, please contact our VP of Volunteers.  The PTSA also welcomes the "buddy system" for committees and positions -- grab a friend and have some fun on our team!


Co-Presidents Nikki Balt -- Natalie Wells
Secretary Karen Chekan
Treasurer Charlotte Holm Olsen
VP, Membership Ginger Painter -- Lalitha Deepak Setty
VP, Volunteers Laura Hamilton
Co-VPs, Ways & Means Bobbie Conti
Communications Sabeet Sidhu
Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Jen O'Donell
Community Liaison Heidi Schmedding
Community Service Sudha Balaji -- Elmas Funda Ozkeskin
Emergency Prep Maura Deoliveira
Legislative Advocate Maggie Hunkins
Senate Representative Heidi Schmedding
Senior Convocation LeAnne Brodzinski -- Nicole Dorsey
Communications (Social Media Editor) Jennifer Pisani 
Communications (IT Admin) Haritha Indupuru
Communications (Web Site Editor) Temujin Baker  
Communications (Graphic Design) LeAnne Wilson -- Deanna Carter
Eastlake Angels / Pantry Packs Katerina Koturanova -- Rhiannon Rubadue
Sustainability Sushama Thakur -- Maria Villar
Special Needs Ashley Thompson -- Susan Carollo
Grants Nancy Colburn
Holiday Bazaar Kim Bansal
Low-Effort Fundraising Nancy Colburn
Middle School Liaison - Evergreen Martha Javnozon
Middle School Liaison - Inglewood LeAnne Brodzinski
Mock SAT & ACT  Juliette Hillmann
Parent Education  Agustina Colombo Eiff
Projects Chair  Bobbie Conti
PTSA Awards & Recognition Gigi Predmore -- Jill Corriveau
Recognition Wall Tiles Alice Kirkwood
Reflections Martha Javnozon
Senior Apparel Karen Gallagher -- Grace Miller
Senior Send-Off (SSO) OPEN -- Julie Blissett
Scholarships Shirley Brill
Staff Appreciation Janette Kovsky -- Sofia Taylor
Standards of Excellence Beth Knapick
Student Recognition Sudha Balaji -- Nicole Dorsey
Principal Chris Bede
Student Representative Bella Schmidt
Teacher Representative Stephanie Bailey