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We are honored to announce the winners of EHS PTSA Scholarships for this year:

Katherine Siddoway Scholarship

     Katherine Siddoway was the founding principal of Eastlake High School. As the principal, she focused on creating a “student-centered community of learners in which each person had dignity and intrinsic worth.” She built on student strengths to prepare them to make responsible choices and to be contributing members of our community.

Katherine Siddoway Scholarship 2022 Winners are Medhya Goel and Ethan Kim.

Medhya Goel


As a public interest technology developer, I will improve access to the legal system for marginalized communities and ensuring that everyone can tell their own story. Whether I develop algorithms for courtroom foreign language translation, design AI models that simplify jargon for self-represented litigants, or improve case law database software for overworked public defenders, I will be pursuing equity and equality. And next time I celebrate in a courthouse, I will not be cheering competitive victory, but rather justice delivered – Medhya Goel

Ethan Kim


A term I learned in middle school, to be a servant leader is to put the needs of others before oneself and leading. At Eastlake that definition changed when I learned our school’s mantra: Wolf Strong Pack Strong - when we improve ourselves we as a community grow. As a fellow wolf, I try to serve others in my community and hope to inspire others to pay it forward. This would create a domino effect leading to a greater community. I want to take this talent with me to college and beyond to create a positive community wherever I go. As I walk the stage at my college graduation I want to be remembered as a servant leader and a contributing member of the community at the college I choose to attend – Ethan Kim


Stan Chapin Perseverance Scholarship

     Officer Stan Chapin, a longtime Resource Officer at Inglewood Middle and Eastlake High School, was a beacon of light for all students, especially those facing hard times during high school. This scholarship honors his dedication to supporting students and helping them find the strength to overcome their challenges

Stan Chapin Perseverance Scholarship 2022 Winners are Hallie Sehlin and Natalie Nickels

Hallie Sehlin


The experiences that I have faced in my life I would not consider regular to any day-to-day person. Although these experiences have also been the hardest part of my story, I wouldn't be where I am now without these obstacles. I strive to keep reaching my goal in the classroom for the people who have helped me get this far. This achievement is important to me because it shows me how well I overcome and grow from adversity in my education. I will always remember where I started and how I was able to get to where I am now – Hallie Sehlin


Natalie Nickels


At the state competition when they announced Eastlake for first place 4A Pom, my jaw dropped, and I have never felt prouder of myself or my teammates. It assured me that taking on challenges, working hard, and never giving up all will pay off in the end, and those lessons still carry on through my life today – Natalie Nickels


Community Service Awards & Scholarship

     Our PTSA strongly advocates volunteerism which is a testament to character of the students at any grade level. The community service award is in recognition of outstanding contributions made to the Eastlake and/or Sammamish community.

Community Service Award Scholarship 2022 Winners Mackenzie Hunkins and Sheshank Shankar.                        

Mackenzie Hunkins


My experience leading this non-profit Organization, HopeFest fostered a passion for service-driven work. Upon reflection of conversations with the people we have helped, I have come to understand the small differences in myself and the people that we serve. I realize that while I may not fix the homeless problem in Seattle, I might inspire hope in others and change the course of their future – Mackenzie Hunkins


Sheshank Shankar


New Deaths: 2514. Thousands of lives were being reduced to a statistic—every single day. And the only way to stop the massacre was to isolate each household from another. When the pandemic closed off our global community, I couldn’t remain a bystander. That’s why I joined the MIT-spinoff PathCheck, where I’ve spent over 500 hours developing digital tools to fight COVID-19 – Sheshank Shankar


Certificates of Appreciation – Its never too early to help and have impact!

Aakarsh Agrawal – Grade 10

In April of 2021, I helped organize LWSD’s first-ever district-wide hackathon, which had over 200 attendees. This year I conceived its first summer workshop series which had over 50 student attendees! Now, this was in the past. So what am I doing today? I am now one of the 2 leads of the CS Outreach Council. This year one of my initiatives, the CS Council Week of Code has impacted over 100 elementary students across the district and am currently working hard on bringing the Annual LWSD Middle-School Hackathon back to the students!



Shak Ragoler – Grade 11

For the past year, I have volunteered for an online nonprofit organization called the Council Data Project (CDP) that is dedicated to creating tools that allow journalists and activists to view the history of legislation proposed and passed by city and county governments. Our work was published in this peer-reviewed journal article: For Shak, the data speaks for itself!