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Community Service Spotlight 2022-2023

Every month, PTSA will spotlight an Eastlake student who is serving the community in a thoughtful or creative way. If you know of someone who is contributing their time and effort to make a difference, please tell us about them. Teachers, parents, peers, and community members can let us know how students are helping others by nominating them  for PTSA's Community Service Spotlight. 

Month Student Name Spotlight Info
September 2022 Luke Simon We are pleased to feature EHS Sophomore, Luke Simon, in our Community Service Spotlight. Luke is a volunteer with Pasado’s Safe Haven. A sanctuary for victims of animal cruelty and neglect, Pasado’s Safe Haven was founded in 1997 in Sultan, WA. Luke began his volunteer work there in July 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, and continues lend his time and talents to the organization as one of their lead animal enrichment caretakers. He strongly believes in the mission of the sanctuary. It is important to Luke that people understand animal cruelty is something that exists, that ending it is something we all need to strive for, and that we should offer kindness to animals that have come from neglected pasts.  
When Luke started volunteering with Pasado’s Safe Haven, he was assigned to landscape maintenance and cleaning stalls for sheep, goats, and pigs. Although it might not sound appealing, the hard labor was extremely rewarding as the animals would hang around him wanting pets and scratches. It felt like a connection of gratitude was being exchanged. He has also worked on cutting fruits and vegetables that are served to the animals based on their dietary needs. Now, as an animal enrichment caretaker, he is charged with preparing and administering enrichment activities for the farm animals. He makes vegetable popsicles for the donkeys and cows, peanut butter pinecones covered in seed for the aviary, and he builds seek-and-find hay boxes for the ducks to search for mealworms. Sometimes he even reads Harry Potter to the alpacas! 

Learn more about Pasado’s Safe Haven and their volunteer opportunities