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Congratulations to EHS students who earned Community Service Awards!

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Eastlake High School values community service and thus awards students for their contributions through its Community Service Program, supported by the EHS PTSA and Key Club (Kiwanis).  Beginning in summer before entering 9th grade, students can submit, track, verify and be recognized for all community service hours across all EHS clubs/activities as well as individual service in the community.   

Community service is supported by the EHS PTSA through:

  • funding
  • scholarships
  • community networking
  • parent, staff and student communication
  • volunteer opportunities
  • monthly spotlights
  • awards and recognition
  • and a Community Service PTSA board member/contact.


Service Awards

Students receive an award for completing at least 50 service hours.  Award levels are:

  • 50-100 service hours 
  • 101-150 service hours 
  • 151-200 service hours* 
  • 200+ service hours*

    *In addition to this community service award, seniors also receive the silver Community Service Graduation Honor Cord which demonstrates that the student made community service a priority during his/her high school career.

A list of award winners is published on the EHS Community Service Program page in the fall before college application deadlines, and again in the spring before graduation. 

Program Details

All grade levels can be included on the Award List if they have documented at least 50 hours.  Inclusion on this list can be listed as an award on job, college, scholarship, and other applications.  Seniors will need at least 200 (150 in 2020-2021) hours to earn the Honor Cord. Refer to this help guide for questions on using the new website. Check the EHS Community Service webpage for any questions, or email PTSA Community Service Chair.

Tracking Service Hours

We are pleased to announce a new tracking site for service hours-, where starting in 2020-2021, students will always be able to view service entries with a running total.  Additionally, besides being able to enter service hours for Key Club, National Honor Society members will now be able to enter hours on this website! Have fun serving this year!


Find program details, service opportunities, award winners, and much more
about the Community Service Program on the EHS school website.