Inspire unity.
Exceed standards.
Achieve success for all students.

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Golden Acorn Award

Karen Cox

The Golden Acorn Award is presented for outstanding and dedicated service to all children. This very special award is given for continued and committed service to help our youth achieve their maximum potential. 

Karen has been an outstanding member of our community and a bonafide supporter of our youth and youth programs. She has selflessly worked for years in multiple aspects and without the need for recognition to advocate for our students and in particular our cheer program. She always answers the call when she is needed and willingly takes the reins when a leadership role is required or as a partner when we need additional "muscle" to get things accomplished. 
It has been an honor to have worked with her to support EHS Cheer and am amazed by all she does to assist others. Karen Cox is the current Eastlake Cheer Board President. Not only does she thrive in her role as President and Leader but more importantly she strives to make any difference she can in the lives of the members of the team. She started off the year with a mission to make this season as special as possible for the cheer team given how COVID had taken so much away from them. She was determined to give the team the most normal, tradition filled, fun year and she absolutely succeeded. Not only did she succeed but she was there every step of the way. She supported the team, parents and coaches at every game, both home and away. She coordinated and drove the team to away games at the last minute when buses were not available. She made countless bags full of goodies for visiting cheer teams as well as our own, making sure to add the touches that would make every student feel special. She organized dinners to feed the team when they would practice late and then run to cheer at the basketball game. She never missed an event where the team was, no matter how far away or what day of the week it landed on. After the team won a state championship she organized a rally to welcome them home and celebrate them and their success. She always put the happiness and well being of the students first.

Karen is that parent that others can reach out to and have questions answered and the one students can lean on or receive a warm smile and wave from. She supports all the students at Eastlake, not just the cheer team. I would see her volunteering at the basketball games and cheering on the baseball team from the rainy stands. Karen Cox is an absolute gem to Eastlake High School and will be greatly missed. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award. Karen goes above and beyond to ensure the success and positive culture for all involved in this organization, including students, coaches, parents, as well as those in the surrounding community (K-8 junior cheerleaders, and community fundraising partners). She is a natural and selfless leader who provides constant support not only for cheer events, but many other Eastlake athletics and programs. Karen has certainly left a lasting impact in her many volunteer endeavors in our community.

Silver Wolf Award

Praveena Mahendran

The Silver Wolf Award recognizes individuals for contributions to the school and or the community for the current year. This individual has made a significant difference and has acted as a good role model. 

Praveena was a candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society campaign this year. During this campaign, she sent out reminders to everyone, helped people with questions, and kept track of the schedule. Additionally, Praveena was a member of the MisinfoDay youth AB and put in the effort to bring her knowledge to the classroom to help others. Praveena has helped the teachers and her peers many times when they needed help. These are just a few things Praveena has accomplished. Praveena really deserves this award for the amount of service she has done, not only for teachers and students, but also for people in her community

Praveena has a great work ethic and is always working hard on a project either in or out of school. She is always looking for new ways to help the community and is also just an extremely nice and helpful person. Praveena is very hardworking and kind. I’ve never met anyone like her. She’s always looking to help people and be the best person she can be. Every time a teacher or a student needs help, Praveena is always the first to step up. She has led fundraising campaigns to help people. As Student of the Year Candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and raised $8000 for them. Every time someone needs help with anything she is always there. She is a steady and kind helper, and an outstanding student at Eastlake High School.

Alpha Wolf Award

Mark Sheffield

The Alpha Wolf Award recognizes an individual for outstanding and dedicated service to all children. This individual is a positive role model who provides significant and continuing service to Eastlake. The nominee should believe and promote the EHS vision by committing to encourage creativity, promote excellence, and prepare students to make responsible choices as contributing members of a global community.

Mr. Sheffield is a AP History teacher at Eastlake and he has, through COVID online school and mask wearing restrictions, managed to bring all of himself to the classroom. He engages and listens, and he coaches these teenagers to feel safe enough to come out of their shells and create a classroom that’s welcoming and open. Heated debates take place, public speaking is nurtured and the most anxiety riddled student manages to perform well both in front of the class and on tests. Mr. Sheffield is always smiling, always positive, and welcomes every student to his class by asking them about their day. He makes everyone feel valued and important. He's patient and kind and devotes so much time to his students. He is very worthy of this award. 

Outstanding Educator Award

Christina deVidal

The Outstanding Educator Award recognizes an individual for extraordinary service and dedication to all students and who has provided opportunities for them that are beyond the normal scope of the educator's job. This individual has made a great difference in the lives of our youth.

Ms. deVidal has put so much work and effort into making her class the most beneficial for her students. She always goes above and beyond to make each and every one of her students feel appreciated. She is kind and loving to everyone and always goes out of her way to make sure her students understand the curriculum. She not only teaches her students how to write, she also teaches them the important and challenging subjects that most teachers would not be able to. She always acknowledges the hardships students go through and helps them feel less alone. Ms. deVidal emphasizes the importance of mental health for herself and her students which we appreciate very much. She is very flexible and kind with deadlines. 

Ms. deVidal is a very caring teacher that enjoys what she does and it’s important. She does a great job of educating while still respecting her students and their educational journey. Her class was the best and most informational class I have taken at Eastlake. She's an amazing teacher! She was the chair of the humanities department and honestly what I learned during her reign as the chair was so fulfilling and important to learn! She makes AP Lang fun and I can't thank her enough! Mrs. Devidal has been my AP Lang teacher for the past year and is quite honestly one of the best teachers that I’ve had at EHS. Throughout the year, she has worked so hard to make sure that me and my classmates have had an enjoyable time developing our skills as writers and historians. She is always encouraging us to think critically and look for deeper meaning when analyzing important matters. In addition, Mrs. Devidal has a very contagious upbeat and positive energy that makes the classroom environment a comfortable space. When I walk in the room, she always says “Hello” and takes the time to chat with students as they settle in. When we discuss difficult topics, she makes sure to check in with the class and is aware of our limits and comfort levels. During the initial transition from distance to in-person learning, she worked with us to help readjust back into regular schooling. Overall, Mrs. deVidal is one of the kindest teachers, and is unquestionably devoted to both her profession and her students. I really appreciate the effort she's put into ensuring that her students will succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Outstanding Service Award

Ben Strometh

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes an individual for extraordinary volunteer service and dedication. This individual has made a difference not only to our PTSA organization but also the lives of our teens. 

Ben has been with the First Robotics team ever since joining in High School at Eastlake. Having found a safe space to "geek out" on science and robotics, he wanted to be a part of continuing the program for future students. He volunteers his time each week for First Robotics, a part of the Pack of Parts Team and also a part of the First tournament setup and functioning teams. He has put in over 800 hours of volunteer hours over his time with Eastlake. Without the help of volunteers (there are many more) Eastlake would not be able to host this world class robotics team. Ben is a volunteer Mentor for First Robotics Pack of Parts 9-12, Boys and Girls club employee impacts all grades, Lego Robotics volunteer all levels. Graduate of Eastlake, represents our school at the highest level. His selfless drive to help students in all of his roles makes him an extraordinary candidate for this award.

Eastlake PTSA thanks all the volunteers that helped out in all capacities during the 2021-2022 school year!