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Mock Tests at Eastlake


***** This registration is for Eastlake High School families. If you are not an Eastlake HS family and would like to sign up a student, please click here. ***** 

Practicing the ACT and SAT tests is a great way for students to best focus their efforts to prepare for them. The EHS PTSA Community Parent Revolution Prep provides these tests to Eastlake students.


NEW* Mock PSAT opportunity  

For the class of 2025 and younger, the College Board is transitioning the PSAT and SAT from pencil-and-paper format to digital format. Becoming familiar with the new digital-format tests will be key for students (current Freshmen and Sophomores) to feel confident as they head into their official PSAT in October. 


Please note: registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another test date.

Email with questions.

On the day of the test: 

You will receive specific instructions a few days before the designated test date. Usually, students are required to bring an ID (current student ID or drivers' license), No. 2 pencils, calculator (not phone), and it's advised to have some water and a snack. 

Click "Next" to choose your tests and dates.