Inspire unity.
Exceed standards.
Achieve success for all students.

Kathleen Story, Eastlake High School Librarian

The EHS Library Staff wants to thank the PTSA volunteers for helping us with the laptop roll out. We checked out 2100 laptops in two days. We could not have done it without you.

We are also grateful for the grants over the past 5 years to increase the diversity of our collection. Our current display for Hispanic Heritage Month is already up and there are so many books they won't fit on the display so we can replenish with a wide variety of choices.

Another exciting contribution from PTSA that continues to be valuable is the multilingual collection. This year the multilingual student classroom is inside the EHS library so they will be near the books and use them. Last year we had a student whose eyes lit up when he found a book in his language and when he got back to class, he read some poetry out loud to the class in his own language. This is a winning combination; making students feel safe and included also benefits everyone because we all learn from each other.

PTSA makes our school not only survive but thrive.