We are honored to announce the winners of EHS PTSA Scholarships for this year:

Katherine Siddoway Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor our founding principal, Katherine Siddoway who was a champion of creating a “student -centered community of learners in which each person had dignity and intrinsic worth”. Congratulations on accepting the challenge to be an outstanding student, leader, mentor whilst being a contributing member of our community. We hope you will continue the legacy of Siddoway and continue to make us proud being the Alumni of Eastlake High School. Thank you to everyone who applied for this scholarship for your time and sharing your accomplishments, we are proud of you and know you will do great things in life!

Katherine Siddoway Scholarship 2021 Winners are Ayushi Batwara and Daniel Dickman.

Ayushi Batwara

In the future, with my interest in computer science, I aspire to take a technological approach to today’s reactionary healthcare by capitalizing on the increased accessibility to smart gadgets. I aspire to build telehealth solutions utilizing interoperability, edge computing, and artificial intelligence, emphasizing preventive strategies that doctors can implement for those with limited access to healthcare. In summary, I’d like to bring smart healthcare to the fingertips of the global underserved community – Ayushi Batwara

Daniel Dickman

College will give me the stronger foundation I need to make those decisions, so I am better able to adapt to and contribute meaningfully to a rapidly changing world. Acquiring this kind of understanding will take a lot more work, but I am up to the task, and I am excited for the opportunity. My high school teachers have done an excellent job preparing me for my path forward. Although I cannot predict the future, I have worked hard to prepare for it, and I will continue to make myself more capable to meet it – Daniel Dickman

Stan Chapin Perseverance Scholarship

This scholarship honors Stan Chapin, a longtime Resource officer at our school, whose significant dedication supported students and helped them find the strength to overcome their challenges. We hope you will always have the strength & resiliency and be the support for others who may need that helping hand. Thank you to everyone who applied for this scholarship, sharing your passion, determination, and hard work. We are confident that a bright future awaits you.

Stan Chapin Perseverance Scholarship 2021 Winners are Julia Holec and Valentina Martinezotto.

Julia Holec

Having a balanced lifestyle has made me into the person I am today. I know when to take something seriously like in school and sports, but I also know when to have fun. I think having balance in my life will prepare me for college and beyond Julia Holec

Valentina Martinezotto

My confidence was possible with the support I have received from my family. My parents have always encouraged me to branch out and not close myself off to one group of people. I never listened to their advice because of my fear of change, but after maturing I have realized that putting yourself outside of your comfort zone is the only way to grow – Valentina Martinezotto


Community Service Awards & Scholarship

Community Service Award Scholarship 2021 Winners Aditya Setty and Swathi Narayan. It is also our great pleasure to award Certificates of Appreciation to Anikait Vishwanathan, Kanika Nallaseth and Shankar Sheshank. Our PTSA strongly advocates volunteerism which is a testament to character of the students at any grade level.  The community service award is in recognition of outstanding contributions made to the Eastlake and/or Sammamish community. Thank you for your outstanding, dedicated, and comprehensive service to our community. Your service has touched and made a difference to the people. Thank you to everyone who applied for this scholarship, sharing your passion and giving back so selflessly.                           

Aditya Setty

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force- created a cadet well-being and collaboration platform during the pandemic increased the feeling of togetherness between the cadets and gave them a chance to reflect on their lives and communities. This experience made me feel a part of something bigger, giving me the ability to pay it forward to help my community – Aditya Setty


Swathi Narayan

Today, in a world growing increasingly divided by shameless hate, we need the lessons that Relay for Life taught me.  Learning to seek the good in everything and everyone, rather than the differences that set us apart.  As a part of the Relay family, this is the mission that I will take with me.  I have learned that we can create light when there is none - Swathi Narayan


Certificates of Appreciation to: