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Featured Spotlights

These spotlights have been previously featured in our Wolf Tracks newsletter. 

November 19, 2017

Jill Corriveau, Gigi Predmore, and Traci DiStasio


Co-chairs for the 24th Annual (2017) Holiday Bazaar
Jill, Gigi, and Traci went above and beyond to ensure that we had an amazing bazaar this year.
(And they had a little bit of well-deserved fun at the Eastlake Drama booth!)

Jill's talents as the graphics designer for the PR for the Holiday Bazaar are truly remarkable and are ongoing.  She has taken hours upon hours designing so many elements: the posters and postcards, the new 25-foot banner that was displayed in Sammamish above 228th Ave.; the shoppers guide, which included helping customers with their ad designs; handouts for vendors; new forms for ordering lunches and placing ads; and gift tags for the new gift wrapping station.  Her job has also included recruiting volunteers and vendors and, of course, decorating with her talented eye for design. Overall, her dedication to a successful bazaar has been extraordinary and has made an impact at Eastlake High School.

Gigi took the lead in organizing all aspects of the Holiday Bazaar.  Every day for months she recruited vendors, processed all the applications, and sent out letters of acceptance and guidelines.  She went from store to store to sell ads for the guidebook, dropped off posters at our local businesses for them to hang in the windows, picked up raffle items to display at the booth during our home football games, and continued to sell raffles whenever she could.  Gigi was constantly on call for all vendor questions, as well as volunteer questions.  Last year there were 100 vendors and more than 2,000 attendees.  This year there were 125 vendors and almost 3,000 visitors shopped at this incredible Eastlake fundraiser. 

Traci spent endless hours strategically mapping each vendor for the bazaar, avoiding any overlap in placement of vendors selling similar products and accommodating their needs for extra space and other special requests.  Traci also did the decorating, making sure each detail was just right and created a festive holiday atmosphere for shoppers.  From the coffee bar to the raffle table and bake sale, Traci deftly handled it all. 
Thank you ladies for these exceptional contributions!