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Senior Convocation 2019 is a Wrap! 

We want to profusely thank all the volunteers that worked relentlessly to make the 2019 Senior Convocation event a success! You have pulled together a reconfigured event and have created a new tradition at Eastlake. On behalf of all the class of 2019, THANK YOU!! 

What is Senior Convocation?

Click this link to learn more about this wonderful celebration of Seniors at Eastlake. 

Send us fun photos of your seniors!
Each year, we collect fun photos of seniors to include in a slide show at the Convocation celebration. Stay tuned for details on dates for this year! 


Why is the ceremony no longer at Timberlake Church?

The venue used in previous years is no longer available beginning in 2019. After much research by the planning committee, there were no alternative venues available in similar proximity to hold the number of attendees -- more than 900 people. It was then decided to bring this intimate celebration of our seniors home to Eastlake. This location provides one final opportunity for the senior class to be together at Eastlake, surrounded by their closest supporters.

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