Inspire unity.
Exceed standards.
Achieve success for all students.

To contact a board member or committee chair, click the associated link below.

Board and chair positions marked OPEN have not been filled; if you are interested in or would recommend someone for a position, please contact our VP of Volunteers.  The PTSA also welcomes the "buddy system" for committees and positions -- grab a friend and have some fun on our team!


Co-Presidents Beth Knapick -- Jen O'Donnell
Secretary Nikki Balt
Treasurer Leanne Brodzinski
VP, Membership Jen Fowler -- Amy Wells
VP, Volunteers Jay Pulacode -- Lalitha Deepak Setty
Co-VPs, Ways & Means Ajay Chakrapani -- Olga Pechuk
Communications Natalie Wells
Community Liaison Heidi Schmedding
Community Service Julie Olson
Emergency Prep Michele Heidorn
Legislative Advocate Bertha Bonds
Special Needs Susan Kang-Smith
Senior Convocation Shuba Iyer -- Katherine Bryant -- Julie Mohrhardt
Senate Representative Heidi Schmedding
Communications (Social Media Editor) Annette Wolf
Communications (Wolf Tracks Editor) Renee Baker
Communications (Web Site Editor) Cyndi Smith
Eastlake Angels / Pantry Packs Tallee Whitehorn
Financial Review OPEN
Fundraising Drive & Matching Gifts OPEN
Grants Nancy Colburn
Holiday Bazaar Gigi Predmore -- Traci DiStacio -- Jill Corriveau
Low-Effort Fundraising Nancy Colburn
Middle School Liaison - Evergreen Natalie Wells
Middle School Liaison - Inglewood Jen Fowler
Mock SAT & ACT  Amy Taricco -- Alpana Agarwal -- Neelima Khaneral
Parent Education  Beth Knapick -- Jen O'Donnell
Projects Chair  OPEN
PTSA Awards & Recognition Aileen Sabbatani
Recognition Wall Tiles Alice Kirkwood
Reflections Michele Simmons, OPEN
Senior Apparel Dawn McCutcheon
Senior Send-Off (SSO) Renee Baker -- Val Westmoreland
Scholarships Renuka Iyer -- Lalitha Deepak Setty
Staff Appreciation Janette Kovsky -- Kathie Roth-Johnson
Standards of Excellence Clea Morehart
Student Recognition Shanke Liu
Principal Chris Bede
Student Representative Jenna Raymond
Teacher Representative Paula Olsen