Our Mission Statement
Inspire unity. 
Exceed standards.
Achieve success for every student.



These Eastlake parents have pledged to keep our students safe! 

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We will try to update this list quarterly; however, if you have "signed"
the Parent Pledge but do not see your name below, please contact us!

Last updated:  May 20, 2018

A Karen and Gregg Allyn
Stephanie Ahlquist
Mary Ann and Scott Anderson
Lora and David Angiuli
B Nikki and Michael Balt
Amy Barley
Jill and George Bickel
Julie and Jeff Blissett
Laura and Mark Bolz
Steve and Debbie Bredeweg
Kim and Tim Briggs
Paul and Leanne Brodzinski
Marilyn Bontrager
Paula Bordenet
Marianne and Brett Brewer
Kirsten and Don Burke
Nici and Mark Baughman
Kristi and Ronald Bennett
Michelle and Dan Bickford
C Lindsay and Carmen Calcerano
Stephanie and James Callahan
Catherine and Scott Callan
Deanna and Brian Carter
Alyson Cepollina
Carlene and Paul Camera
Julie and Bill Carper
Stacy and David Cinderella
Tracy and Brian Coats
Nancy Colburn
Tana Conrad
Georgie and Roger Coote
Melissa and Tyler Croshaw
D-E-F Julie and John Deutscher
Cheryl and Derek Doke
Laura and Derek Drake
Holli and David Dunn
Kris Duzenack
Cherene and Steve Dodge
Cheryl and Eric Downs
G-H-I Allison and Mike Grassi
Molly and Kevin Griffin
Cynthia Ganugapati
Cynthia and Todd Gugler
Brian and Julie Guy
Marika and Tim Galvin
Catherine Godfrey (Martin Taillefer)
Cherie and Dean Goto
Janine  & Chad Greene
Jennifer Hahn
Rachel and Jonathan Harris
Lori and Jeffrey Henshaw
Patrick and Vickie Howard
Michele Heidorn
Francine and Nathan Heck
Shuba and Ramu Iyer

Irley and Alex Jarrett
Jiae Kim (Kiyoung Yang)
Elizabeth and Michael Knapick
Deb and Kent Knaus
Julie and Dan Kwon
Krista Kolaz
Kathryn and Brent Kendall
Judith and Greg Keyser
Kenny and Heejung Kim
Missey and Greg Kirchoff
Leslie and Steve Keck
L Tiffany and Walt LaMonte
Susan and Paul Latham
Sue and Ray Lauer
Laurel and Paul Lee
Meishan Li (Qun Zhao)
Rimen and Weicheng Li
Jodey and Jason Lingg
Lani and Jim Lok
Abbe and Andy Lynch
Joe and Mary Lipinsky
M Ricardo Martinez (Rebeca Otto)
Elaine and Jeffrey MacDougall
Roslynn and Jeff Marks
Patty and Greg McCormick
Clea and Barry Morehart
Mikala Miller
Bonnie DeCaro-Monahan and
     Joe Monahan
Mai-Kirsi Meissner Matessi and
     Andrea Matessi
Jaimee and Daniel Milton
N-O Angela and Tyler Neal
Lisa Nelson
Kristi and Thomas Nicholson
Linda and Peter Ogden
Beth and DJ Olde
Julie and Lance Olson
Rebeca Otto (Ricardo Martinez)
Sally and Scott Oveson
Funda and Elmas Ozkeskin
P-Q Jay and Veeramani Pulacode
Satyen and Bijal Pandya
Meg and David Peterson
Kristie and Scott Page
Pam and Patrick Plaisted
Michelle and Pat Pudas
Dianne Pickerill
Todd and Cindy Pladson
Susannah and David Pryal
Simon and Yanira Puttick
R Cynthia and Eric Rittenhouse
Chrissie and Scott Rouse
Jyothi and Giri Rao
Susan and Criag Recob
Laura and Peter Rowley
Irene and Paul Russo
S Sue and Byrne Sanford
Denine and Stephen Scallen
Stacey and Kevin Smith
Leiann and Gregory Shaw
Michele and Jon Simmons
Pia Santelices and Jason Shaffer
Heidi Schmedding (Kevin Verboort)
Atul Sikaria
Susan and Norman Seabrooks
Satu and Jaakko Soininen
T Martin Taillefer (Catherine Godfrey)
Soo Kuan Teo (Mei Ling Yap)
Bettina and Troy Thrun
Maria and Tony Titus
Yair and Yonat Tor
Patti and Gary Tornquist
U-V Luis and Alexandra Villegas
Sandra Vaz Azevedo
Shelli and John Vlastelica
Kevin Verboort (Heidi Schmedding)
Sheila and Bob Van Nortwick
W Liza and Jeff Wallace
Michele and Ray Wehrs
Jo and Stan Weise
Barbara and David Whitney
Hope and Scott Weaver
Val and Mark Westmoreland
Kris and Mike Woerner
X-Y-Z Kiyoung Yang (Jiae Kim)
Mei Ling Yap (Soo Kuan Teo )
Deslie Zangaglia
Qun Zhao (Meishan Li)