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The FACTS about the Bond and Levy Measures


Vote YES -- For Our Schools, Your Community,
and Everyone's Future


     Did You Know...
  • The two proposed levies maintain what the district already has in place today; these essentially continue levies that are expiring.  This means there is NO increase in taxes; rather, the new levies REDUCE the current tax rate. 
    [See more about taxes below]
  • Bonds are the only way to build new or expand existing schools.  The proposed bond will allow LWSD to build space for 2,100 more students -- that's the equivalent of FOUR elementary schools, TWO middle schools, or ONE high school larger than Eastlake.  And LWSD is in need of space for our students.

Why do we need levies and bonds?

Levy dollars pay for critical areas (such as operations/repairs, programs, staff and technology) that the state does not fully fund.  Bonds provide the only way to build needed space -- the state has not and WILL NOT pay for this.

  • The EP&O Levy currently funds 19.2% -- almost one fifth -- of LWSD’s operating budget.  The LWSD is asking $41.6 Million LESS than the full amount authorized by the legislature on this levy.  WHY?  Because it wants to be responsible to local taxpayers in light of the state’s increase in education investment. 
  • The Capital Levy funds facilities, critical upgrades (roof repair, heating repair, water, door locks, security cameras, etc.), and technology (computers, networking, learning software) -- items not funded by the state. 
  • A bond is how districts build space -- needed space. Because the state won't pay for this, it’s up to local districts (with your help) to secure funding in order to build space and accompany the fast-paced growth in our district.


What about the McCleary Decision?

  • The Seattle Times reports “If the Legislature were to come through with the additional funding needed to fully fund the underfunded areas of basic education, then the district would be able to collect even fewer levy dollars.”  [See article]  

    Restated: If the state comes through with more funding, LWSD will collect less money than what the bond and levies would provide.  The McCleary Decision simply does not provide all of the funding needed
  • The Legislature's McCleary Plan and its Impact on Lake Washington School District  


Let's be straight about taxes

The current LWSD tax rate is $3.16 per $1,000 of assessed value. The total tax for all three measures on the February ballot, which will replace the expiring bond/levies, will be $2.93 per $1,000.  

  • The ballot measures specify a total amount of money that can be raised.  If property values in the district rise, the tax rate per $1,000 assessed valuation will decline, because the total amount of taxes collected remains the same.  Tax rates also go down when new residential and commercial property is built within the district; new property owners share the payments, helping reducing the amount you pay.  For example, if the district had only four residents and needed to raise one dollar, it would ask each resident for 25 cents. But if another house was built, it would only need 20 cents from each of the five residents to raise the dollar.  This has absolutely happened in the LWSD! 


Without these new levy and bond measures, our schools will not be adequately funded.  The quality of education for the youth in our LWSD community will begin to decline, starting a trickle-down effect on our neighborhoods, our community, our home values, our quality of life, and our future. 
And our future is your future!

   These are the reasons why the EHS PTSA is asking you to vote YES by February 13!

For more information, visit the LWCLC website or the LWSD Bond and Levies website.