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About the 2017-2018 Eastlake Directory

The directory is in a new format this year.  This format is provided by Our School Pages as part of our website solution.  We recommend you read the information and tips on this page before proceeding to the directory (see below).

Sample record showing parent/guardian and student



Searching the Directory

The new directory is initiated using a search field.  The search field allows you to enter all or part of a person's data record.  You can enter a person's full first name or last name, or you can enter a character string (part of the name) to retrieve records.  For example, you will see different records displayed as you search for par, park, and parker due to the refinement of the search input.

NOTE:  The directory displays records that match your search criteria in either the first and last names (parents and students) or in email addresses. However, only records where such information has been defined by the user as visible are included and displayed.  In the above example, if you search by par, you could see a record that matches the search only by the characters "par" in the user's email address.  

In general, better search criteria yields better results!  

Please remember that the directory is for personal use only.  

To view the directory, you must:

  • be a current PTSA member
  • have a website account (username/password)

(Click here for steps to complete these
requirements, if needed.)


If you are not currently logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
If you forgot your password, you will have an opportunity to reset it.
If you have trouble logging in or viewing the directory, contact us

To Manage What Displays for Your Record

While viewing your record in the directory, you can toggle what appears to other users by clicking the "eye-con"  next to each data element.  Settings are automatically saved when you exit the directory.


To Correct/Update Directory Information

  1. On the left menu bar of the PTSA website, click My Account.  (You will need to log in if prompted.) 
  2. On the My Account window, click Edit on the parent or student record you want to modify. 
  3. On the User window, edit the information and/or directory settings (information to display) you want to update.
  4. Click Save.