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The Eastlake High School 2019 Graduation Committee is looking forward to a fun, safe, and substance-free all-night celebration on Monday, June 17, 2019.  The following information should answer any questions you may have.  It is imperative that parents, guardians, and participating graduates read and understand the following:


WHAT IS SENIOR SEND OFF?  Senior Send Off is an opportunity for all EHS seniors to participate in a special evening of celebration, fun and memories. This celebration is not a school-sponsored event, but has been planned and organized by parent volunteer committee of the Eastlake High School PTSA. The celebration provides the EHS Class of 2019 a safe and secure environment for one last get-together with their graduating class. This all-night party has been an Eastlake tradition for many years.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?  Eastlake High School Seniors

WHERE WILL THE PARTY BE HELD?  The location of the celebration will be a surprise to the students until they arrive at the site(s).  The Planning Committee will know where the students are at all times.  We’ve kept it a surprise for good reason—safety!  This event is for the Class of 2019 only, and we do not allow uninvited participants.  Disclosing the location in advance may open the door to a chain of events that we would not be able to control.  Safety is our number one priority.

WHEN DOES IT TAKE PLACE?  Chartered buses will leave from Eastlake High School around 10pm on June 17, following the graduation ceremony on Monday, June 17.  Buses will return to Eastlake by 6:00 am the following morning, June 18.

CAN I WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SIGN UP?  Not a good idea! Any last-minute signups will be confirmed based on space available.  Sign up early!  You may sign up by completing the permission form and paying to reserve your space.

WHEN ARE BUS SIGNUPS?   Bus assignments will be in the spring and will only be for students who have paid and turned in their signed Permission/Release form.  Anyone signing up after bus sign ups will be placed on a bus that has room. You can request a certain bus, but it may not be available. 

WHAT PAPERWORK IS REQUIRED?  All forms are available on the EHS PTSA website at  Look on the left hand side of the webpage and click on: For Our Seniors. Each student must have a signed Permission/Release form, with current parental contact information and, if applicable, a signed medical allergy release form. These forms need to be on file with the Senior Send Off committee no later than May 31, 2019. Remember: No signed forms = no event = no refunds.  Your student will not be allowed to board the bus if we have not received the signed permission and applicable medical release forms.


CAN I GET A REFUND IF MY STUDENT DECIDES NOT TO GO?  No.  Refunds will not be issued.  Should this happen, your paid amount will be considered a donation for another student in need who wants to attend the event.

ARE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT?  Yes.  If the cost of this event is prohibitive to your student attending, please contact your school counselor to see if your student qualifies for a partial or full scholarship to attend.  We want all students to be able to be a part of this wonderful event. Funds are available to help those students in need.  All scholarships are strictly confidential.


  • Comfortable, casual attire 
  • Comfortable shoes 


  • Purse, wallet or backpack
  • Cameras -  (We’ll take plenty of pictures and post to a public Shutterfly or similar account)
  • Money
  • Banned substances of any kind (drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons)
  • Each venue and all chaperones will have tissues, chapstick, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products and other toiletries readily available at all times; students do not need to bring these items

WHAT IF MY STUDENT NEEDS MEDICATION? Any student needing to take medications during the event will need to indicate this on the medical release form and check the medication in with a Senior Send Off representative no later than 12:00 noon the day before graduation.  Medications should be in a prescription container marked with the student’s name. Please place the container in a Ziploc bag, also marked with the student’s name, along with a signed note by the parent with specific dispensing instructions. Chaperones will be fully aware of all students that have any type of medical issue. A note from the nurse will be sent to parents regarding administering medications and the district's policies about medications.

WHAT ARE YOUR CHECK-IN PROCEDURES AND SECURITY?  We will be checking in the students at Eastlake High School. The chartered buses will also be at EHS.  Students will line up at their assigned bus and undergo a quick security pat-down.  Any items in the possession of the student that are not allowed (see What Not To Bring above) will be safely stowed and returned to the student when buses arrive back at EHS.  This includes all cell phones!  Every chaperone will have their cell phone with them at all times.  Should a student need to contact a parent, a chaperone will call the parent for the student.  There will be at least one chaperone for every 25 students, including at least one medically trained chaperone.  Once the students are checked in, they will receive a colored wrist band that coordinates with the bus on which they travel to each venue and back to EHS.  Students are not allowed to leave the event at any time.  If they are sent home for any reason, the parent/guardian will be called to come pick them up at the event—not a friend, sibling, etc.  Of course, if an emergency does occur, the parent will be notified immediately.  There will be zero tolerance for tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind.  If any substances are found or if student is exhibiting signs of intoxication, they will not be permitted to board the bus and a parent will be called.  Participants are expected to conduct themselves in an adult manner and follow any and all directions issued by representatives of the Senior Send Off Committee, representatives of the event site, representatives of Grad Nights or any security personnel.  In the event a participant is found in possession of a banned substance or weapon, or whose conduct is unbecoming, they will be immediately removed from the event.  The person(s) listed as a contact will be notified and will be responsible for the immediate transportation of the participant from the celebration.


  • June 17 @ 9:30pm- Meet at Eastlake High School in the commons to check in. Leave on buses around 10pm
  • 11:00 pm to 5:00 am: Graduation Party
  • June 18 @ 5:30-6 am: Arrive for pick up at EHS

QUESTIONS or CONCERNS:  If you have any further questions, please contact Renee Baker at